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It all started in the year of 1984.

Mr Alhaj Abdul Monaf, a revered businessman from Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh, planned to venture into the Timber Business. Accordingly, he founded ‘Bayzid Sawmill’, a modest sawmill which in next few years earned a great repute among its clients.

This new found success excited Mr Maksudur Rahman, the enthusiastic younger son of Mr Alhaj Abdul Monaf. Mr Rahman took all the responsibility on his shoulder to take the family business to a completely new direction.

JMG Furniture was born from there in the year of 2000.

Since start, JMG wanted to make its furniture known for their inimitable designs and superior materials. The company made investments to have a state-of-the-art Furniture Factory stocked with modern machineries in place and groom a dedicated group of Skilled Craftsmen.

There was no looking back following that.

JMG Furniture started bringing in furniture products in the market that immediately awed the customers and the competitors alike. Word of mouth started making rounds for them.

This is still on, only getting stronger day by day.

Third generation from the family has, in the meantime, joined the business. Fresh ideas, new thoughts are into play. The mission is nothing but to make JMG Furniture the ‘next big brand’ in country’s furniture industry.

Build a team of skilled craftsmen and a factory that was equipped with modern machines. JMG started making furniture that awed the customers and competitors alike. A word of mouth made a round for them and their produces.